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Absa Banking App
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Bank on the go with our mobile banking app.

Download the secure ABSA banking app and log in using your online banking credentials, to:

• Use 2-factor authentication to verify transactions made on Absa online and other ABSA channels.
• View your account balances and transaction history.
• Download statements.
• Share your account details.
• Pay, add and manage your beneficiaries.
• Transfer money between your accounts.
• Buy prepaid airtime, mobile data and SMS bundles.
• Buy prepaid electricity.
• Use CashSend to send money to anyone (including yourself) via an ABSA ATM.
• View and update your transaction limits.

Absa Banking App APK reviews

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Its goos
Its gud
Iaan Krynauw review Iaan Krynauw
They just added ads! Do you want funeral cover? Time after Time I try and do a payment and at the very end after entering and copy pasting left and right it errors and you have to do everything all over again. It looks good though.
Pinky Ncube review Pinky Ncube
I think this is the best app for me. I live overseas and have some bills to pay in SA and have no issues with logging on. I use a Samsung Note 5.it works perfectly. Secondly I upgraded my phone and have downloaded the app . On the new phone , I tried to log in with the same pin and account # but states its incorrect. Is there something that I'm doing wrong.Thanks in advance for your response.
liako kuoe review liako kuoe
Nothing WORKS!!!! I hate this app. Cash send does not work. Schedule payments. The whole process is based on approvals on the app. Not a single verification request sent to my app is successful. That means i cant use the app at all to perform any task bcoz the system cannot send or reciece the verification request!!!! This issue has been ongoing for 2 weeks!!! Its ridiculous!!!!!!!
A Google user review A Google user
Updated the app a few days ago. Since then was unable to log on. Visited a branch and was assisted with a security code. Still does not work. Stays on logon screen and receives sms to notify that i am logged on. No changes to phone settings only app updated. Very frustrating. Internet banking cannot be used as this isnow linked to app for security
T- Mo review T- Mo
Well I managed to download the app after previously deleting it, your verification methods suck, first the app looks for a previous device that I was using, which is the one I just installed it on and I don't receive the verification message. Then when I select the the I previously deleted the app option it wants my card number which I currently don't have, I mean even the break ins on mission impossible we're not this impossible...
CLIVE Smith review CLIVE Smith
You cannot go less than 1 star. It says the app is not compatible with my device...... 0/10... Time to change my bank. Judging by the comments, julle ouens maak droog
David エクササイズ review David エクササイズ
I recommend it.
Latest update; better & better, great performance, love the minor features being put in place & I feel safe using the application .
I would like to login with my fingerprint; i believe it is much safer
Neil Burger review Neil Burger
Secure checks does not work through the app! It says timed out even if I accept withing 10s. The countdown goes to 00. If tried different wifi networks. And I've tried Cellular data only, none of them work. It is so frustrating trying to update details, change limits with this.
Bennie Hurter review Bennie Hurter
Can see my actual balance only showing available balance which include overdrafts etc. If I want to pay my credit card off I have to guess how much to pay.
Daniel Willemse review Daniel Willemse
Does not work on STOCK Nexus 6P with Android 7 Nougat
Refuses to log me in on my brand new stock firmware Nexus 6P. No problems on old LG Flex 4.2.2. Do you not test on industry standard devices? New update: still does not work.
Kevin Mahlangu review Kevin Mahlangu
I think you are making progress but as an I have an Android device working on Nouget 7.1.1 but theres so support for finger print login? Why? Because Apple has support for it
Jondré Gillespie review Jondré Gillespie
App disappeared from phone, can only access it directly through app store. It rarely works. Not worth the effort. App was installed directly on internal phone memory. Was not moved.