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All Star Quarterback
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Lead your team to glory in the ultimate QB simulation. It's about the game, the money, the fame. Can you handle the pressure of the most valuable position on the field?


Live the dream, call the shots in your QB life with real-time game reporting, making decisions that define your career.

Handle relationships with your coach, agent, fans and more. Train your abilities. Get drafted to new teams. Follow the twists and turns of a real football career. Win it all.


• Awesome real-time 3D plays in games
• Make game-changing and career-defining decisions
• Work your way up the depth chart
• Hit the gym in three workout mini-games
• Learn new plays on the practice field
• Impress your coach and the media
• Hire an agent and win over the fans
• Gain sponsors with missions and bonuses
• Buy real estate, cars, clothes and private jets
• Enjoy stunning high resolution HD graphics


• Introducing real-time 3D plays in games. The #1 requested feature from your reviews.
• New Time-Out mini-game to boost your performance before each play.
• All new football stadium.
• Seamlessly transition from simulation to arcade gameplay with no loading.
• New Casino mini-games, play Slots & Blackjack.



All Star Quarterback APK reviews

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Michael Daaboul review Michael Daaboul
Watching Ads
Not sure about this game. You can't control much of it. You pass to the same player and my swiping actions don't have much affect. All you're doing is watching for the most part and without much interactions. There's ads appearing all the time.
Zachary Hobson review Zachary Hobson
Could be better
It's stupid how you can't pass to who you want, or play all game. It is also stupid that the wr can't run past a defender and its almost impossible to get a td
Daniel Cottman review Daniel Cottman
Not bad
I like it other than the fact you might throw 2 passes a game that needs to change I wanna play football, not manage a career
Brandon Bates review Brandon Bates
Didn't get what I paid for.
I paid for more money and I didn't get it on my game!! I paid $1.99 and it didn't show up. I have a text message saying I paid for it too!
Chris Escoto review Chris Escoto
Being able to chose all plays you want to use, not 3 random plays, being able to throw to other receivers and rushing plays aswell. also if im a first string qb i should start the gamegame and finish the game unless i make a mistake. please improve the game, it could be alot more better than what it is nownow, please make this the football game we want
SB Gaming review SB Gaming
Graphics got worse as i played, it got blurry then i exited the app end it it got back in then went to play a quick game and it was a black screen
Alyssa Kaighin review Alyssa Kaighin
This game is ok
The only reason I say the game is ok is because while you're playing and level up either your speed, agility and strength at some point the game will glitch and take away a level from up and your money. I don't like that and it's has done it to me several times to the point I'm about to delta and find something else. Other than that it's honestly one of the best football games I've played on mobile. Someway some how either refund me some levels money or something or you lost me.
Kaine EightyTwo review Kaine EightyTwo
The career of a QB...
Very cool thought through.. i hav all your "thumb-flicker" Football (2015 games ;) 4* here thougj coz of the stamina.. it does not regenerate over time.. the player has to watch ads in order to get free 50% stamina refill drinks.. that gets annoying.. quick! (There is of course a real money option available)
Joe Keith review Joe Keith
No longer opens
Played this game hard for a couple days. Spent some actual money to unlock a couple things and now it crashes the moment I open it. Can't even play it yet my money is gone. Until this crash is fixed don't download this game or at least don't spend any money on it. Really hope the designers are the type of people who read these comments and choose to make it right. If they do I'll gladly change my rating.
Anjeannae Hall review Anjeannae Hall
This game really keeps my attention. I just wish you at least could play quarterback the whole game and also fix when they kick field goals..making a field goal from the 60 offensive line and making it...but your team doesn't even try for field goals at 5 yards..that's just dumb
Kwesi Oteng review Kwesi Oteng
Pretty nice interactions but...
1. I can't view my accomplishments 2. I can't get the free 50% stamina drink half the time 3. Need to play more 4. Hate that cost of drinks rise hugely after every level... The game becomes unplayable after level 20
Glenn Bright review Glenn Bright
Good but...
Good game except for feeling i have no control over the outcome of a game. Just played one game where my team scored 20+ points without me doing anything. Then i get two attempts at passing and the game was over. Don't feel like my actions in the game have any influence on winning or losing.