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Blast into a new Angry Birds puzzle adventure game! The birds are trapped inside balloons, and you can bet the pigs are behind it all. Tap matching balloons to blast them to smithereens and free the flock!

Use your balloon-bustin’ skillz to outsmart the pigs and save birds in over 600 egg-celent levels! Find the smartest way to solve puzzles, crack high scores, and earn three stars.

Grab rewards every day in the Daily Quest. Already got ’em? Then go join the weekly events or chase down this month's puzzle pieces. Blasted through those? How about taking on the world in the global leaderboard?

There’s plenty to do, and an ever-growing number of levels to master so get BLASTING!

· 600+ FUN LEVELS – with more added weekly!
· PICK UP AND PLAY – any time, any place even OFFLINE!
· TEASE YOUR BRAIN – with challenging & strategic gameplay!
· CREATE BOOSTERS – rockets, bombs, laser guns!
· DAILY CHALLENGES – earn free rewards and boosters!
· WEEKLY EVENTS – Mighty League, Treasure Hunt and more!
· PUZZLE CHASE – find pieces to new puzzles every month!
· PLAY WITH FRIENDS – connect to Facebook, yo!
· GLOBAL LEADERBOARDS – earn your spot with high scores!


Need some help? Visit our support pages, or send us a message!


Angry Birds Blast! is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Either way, you’ll have a blast! Get it? I’ll see myself out...

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Kim Tracy review Kim Tracy
Game started off fine, and it's challenging. I seem to be finding that the higher up in levels you get the more issues there are. Game keeps crashing and restarting, I have a lot of times I don't get my whole free time awarded to me. I am seriously considering uninstalling this game because these issues are taking the fun out of it.
It freezes and crashes at the worst times
Always seems to freeze and crash right when I'm about to beat a level that I had so much trouble with. Crashes at times when I'm getting a reward. One time, it even crashed when I purchased some super saver gold coins(which I didn't get btw). This game is already turning into what most of the Angry Birds games are like. Fun and then a disaster :(. Please fix the freezing and crashing issues and my thoughts may change on this game. I like your games Rovio but I don't like the issues that are in them
Like Blake Shelton this game is the bomb,,,,
John McBride review John McBride
Rip Off!
Two.different times I purchased the Super Saver gold coins. They took my money but never delivered the gold coins. I otherwise like the game but that kind of crap sucks. If they would deliver as promised, I'd change my review but Rovio doesn't care. Rip Off!
Randy Cortez review Randy Cortez
Awesome game. Great addition to the angry birds series.
Lizzie deien review Lizzie deien
I really love this game. Its definitely addicting, but its irritating because it freezes in the middle of my level which causes me to lose a life every time. I have to close the app and reopen it to get it to unfreeze.
Melissa Hartman-Meadows review Melissa Hartman-Meadows
Was great til
I was enjoying this til I got to level 78 and the app began freezing up causing loss in level & all lives to play were taken at the same time. Uninstalled & reinstalled, fought the up to level 81 and right back to the same thing. About to forget it and throw it out
Brian Williamson review Brian Williamson
This is the best game ever I think and addicting as hell and my all time fave so far....
Andie Klopfer review Andie Klopfer
Not fair
I just purchased today in the Angry bird blast game 2 starter packs and you would receive 300 gold coins total. I didn't receive the coins. Would like the 300 coins or my $$$ back. Tnx
I like combines angry birds with bubble pop its awesome
Wendy George review Wendy George
Like game a lot but glitches
Love game very addictive. But there are glitches. One pages take awhile to load. When you are playing daily quest it freezes and you lose a life. I hope they fix this.
Bethany Sawtelle review Bethany Sawtelle
It keeps freezing up, causing me to go through all of my lives in a short time. I've spent money on this game, but I won't anymore. Not until it's fixed. Over and over and over, freezing up!! Really frustrated with this game. It's great. I wish I could play!
Arvind Kushwaha review Arvind Kushwaha
Much Interesting
Tracy Hall review Tracy Hall
Pretty fun and addicting with some big problems. Some of the higher levels are just not fun to get through. But my biggest issue is that it gets hung up on the screen to buy m ore coins about half the time, so I spend the money so I can pop just one more bird to complete a level, but then it freezes and has to be restarted, which ends up being a waste. It also freezes mid game, and when it's on one of the daily levels, it sucks. Happens far too often.
Dazed Ann Confuzed review Dazed Ann Confuzed
UPDATE: Still experiencing constant freeze ups during game play. Exhaustive measures to have to keep filing tech support tickets that are closed by giving me crown credits yet the problem about the freeze ups never addressed fully. The game is fun & challenging. However, I am done asking for assistance in figuring out what is happening. I did more tech support by myself than addressed by the game developers. I have uninstalled this app and plan on trying it again in about 6 months to a year!