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Angry Birds Evolution
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Collect, assemble, and evolve your flock.
100+ crazy new Angry Birds?! We’re gonna need a bigger nest. The flock is bigger and badder than ever before. Build your own team, combine super skills and evolve your birds into their ultimate form.

Embark on an epic adventure.
Something sinister is brewing on Bird Island. Why are there so many pigs around? Who is behind the mysterious Bacon Corp? What’s the Eagle Force? Who lost the dungeon keys? Find the answers – only in Angry Birds Evolution.

Crush the pigs in explosive battles.
What’s worse than egg-stealing pigs? Over 90 different varieties of egg-stealing Pigs, that's what. Pirates, ninjas, tourists – someone has to clean this place up. Let the feathers fly in full contact battles and send the pigs packing.

Join weekly events.
Earn awesome rewards, and get a chance to add extra rare birds to your team by taking part in weekly events. Join by yourself or assemble a clan of buddies to compete with other clans. Build the strongest, most awesome clan on Bird Island and rule the roost!

Compete against other players.
The Oinktagon: two teams enter – only one leaves (victorious). Challenge other players in PVP tournaments of the Bird Island pastime, Pigball, and dominate the leagues for even more awesome rewards.

– Over 100 colorful new characters to hatch and collect.
– Assemble the ultimate flock of birds and take down the pigs with ease.
– 5 Classes of birds with unique abilities.
– Evolve your feathery heroes into unstoppable super birds.
– Explore the island and stop the Bacon Corp.
– Climb up the Eagle Mountain and win ultimate eggs.
– Battle other players in the Oinktagon.
– Join clans to unlock perks, compete with other clans, and chat with clanmates.
– Send out scouts for rewards & challenges.

This game may include:
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse any web page.
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from select partners.
- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be consulted beforehand.
- This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. After the initial download, additional content will be downloaded and this may include data charges.

Angry Birds Evolution APK reviews

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Bradley Grobbelaar review Bradley Grobbelaar
Gr8t game I love it but can't you make it that I can go back to missions I have already completed and R250 challenge them for money birds and prizes? Or else you have to wait for ever insider to try level up and get further in the game
Flo Wang review Flo Wang
I really impressed with how much effort they put on this game, like for example, it even have alternative mood and BGM for different events. The characters design are really thoughtful, means its not just bird with different shape, every single one have personality to the design and there's some story behind everyone and I love it. I thought I'll get bored after finishing the map, but the story and the urge to get cooler birds, keeps me playing.
Jessica Costello review Jessica Costello
This game is awesome all together, the only problem I have is after I exit the game, there's ALWAYS this notification that says, "Eagle Mountain is open!" Even if its not open, its annoying because I already know what time it opens everyday on my game. If the devs could fix this bug, that woild be awesome.
Taylor Diodato review Taylor Diodato
It's much more involved than Angry Birds. You're able to customize your team and pick your birds for each battle. There are many different types of battles, it's not repetitive. It has different prizes and bonuses each day. They have a funny story line and a hysterical Bio for each bird.. And it's not just the birds from the game and movie, there are tons! I loved Angry Birds, but it became the same thing everyday. Evolution is totally evolved into a whole other game.. Not even on the same level, NO comparison!! ???
Daniel Dickinson review Daniel Dickinson
The gameplay and graphics are good. The problem is everytime i watch a video that offers a premium bird as a reward. When the video stops the game freezes. Its like im being forced to have to spend on "premimum content". Uninstall
Unstable game with glitches and crashes, during which in-game tokens can get lost. You'll also get one or two 5 star birds and then probably never again. The 5 star birds you manage to get will become very expensive to upgrade when approaching level 50. Otherwise good graphics when ignoring the crashes, ads are not intrusive and it's not overloaded with ads. Probably just the right amount before I'd get annoyed. Funny music, but I almost never turn it on.
Katie Bailey review Katie Bailey
The recent Thanksgiving update glitches out as soon as a video advert is played. This means I can't access premium birds or chests as the game crashes straight after the video finishes. Other than that, I love the game
Arnold Crozz Reola review Arnold Crozz Reola
Unable to Connect to Server!
It keeps on this report! Can you fix this?
Israel Navarro review Israel Navarro
Well, its Ok.
Currently, I'm on level 8. There are moments i found my self stuck due to lack of scouting tickets. Because of this, I cant proceed with the story or leveling my toons. I belive this would be the downside of AB Evolution and it's biggest weaknes. Gold drop is also weak though i love how they put the free gems if you watch certain adds. In any case, graphics is beautiful and the story is entertaining.
Fadhil Rifqi review Fadhil Rifqi
More angry birds and system changed
I hope you guys add more birds in the next update, and i hope you make all the birds in the same star, because i like to collect them, but when i got 3 stars bird, i will use my 1 star bird to level it up, but i really like the outlook of the 1 star bird. Hope you can respond my suggestion.... thank you
Drew Smith review Drew Smith
Fun game.
Seems to be an issue at level 29 / 30. It keeps pinging to level 30 every few experience gains but will not stay on level 30 so no super egg bonus aside from one battle then it drops back to 29. Please fix it thank you kindly. Thanks for the update. I shall await a fix. ☺
RM J review RM J
Superb game on a crappy server
If I have not been logged out or frozen 5 times already in two days, I would have bought gems. The game itself is THAT good. Hard to imagine an industry leading company like Rovio would put up with delivering this kind of experience to gamers. Two words: FIX IT!
Matthew Crisp review Matthew Crisp
Good with issues
Good game, easy enough to grind the leveling up without too much effort with enough going on for variety. Have had some bug issues, been level 30 at the end of each game time but resets me back ton29 on the next session and I have never come across the supposed super egg. Often freezes during fights leaving me to reset and loose whichever rewards I had a gathered.
Ann Dreibelbis review Ann Dreibelbis
This use to be my favorite game. Have spent alot of money playing. Due to the "white out" have not been able to play for 2 months. Even after several updates, nothing. Tech support claims to be on the issue... Very frustrating!!!!
Your programmers can wright new code for all the weekly and holiday events but are not able or want to address the video glitch to open chests for rewards and hatch those free premium eggs. Thought after so many players have complained over videos wont play all the way through and reloads game for rewards that someone on your team would've addressed the problem by now. HELLO DO YOU ALL HEAR YOUR DEVOTED PLAYERS.????? Its been a month still no fix. Seems as if all you care about is the $$$$$$