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Basic English for Beginners
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Learn the basics of English with this FREE app. This app will help you learn English from the beginning in an easy step by step way. Once you complete this course, you will be able to speak and understand the English language at a basic level.

Even though the lessons are all in English, it is easy to learn because we do not use explanation to teach English. Instead, we use images, audio files, and helpful recording features in an organized step by step manner to make sure everyone can learn basic English. If you know at least the English alphabet, then this program can really help you learn English.

Learning Steps with this App:

1. Listen to the short audio file
2. Study the vocabulary
3. Practice speaking the sentences
4. Take a quiz to understand
5. Listen to the audio file again and read a long

The process of listening, studying, practice, reading, and validating through a quiz will help you learn basic English.

Will this course really help me?

This course was created with special care and a lot of thought to make it easy to learn English.

- All the lessons were created in a step-by-step method, starting with the easiest words, easiest grammar points, and easiest sentences, and then slowly introducing harder words to make it easier to learn.
- We do not have explanations, but we use images for almost all of the vocabulary words and provide many example sentences to make it easier to understand the meaning.
- We use visual aid, audio files, and speaking practice sections to help every type of learner.
- The program includes a very useful recording feature that helps you compare your voice with the native English speaker.

When you complete this course, you will be able to read, speak, and understand basic English. This course will really help you.

The entire course is completely free. However, there are advertisement to help pay our bills. If the advertisement bothers you, there is an in-app purchase item to remove the advertisement.

We are sure that this app will help you learn the English language!

Basic English for Beginners APK reviews

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Nilesh Patil review Nilesh Patil
It's a great application, really, thank you so much
This app is very helpful but it stops responding sometimes. Especially when I'm doing the quiz. Please try to fix this problem as it gets really annoying when you have to start your work all over again.
Dijen Dro Reang review Dijen Dro Reang
Actually such that apps always please me .And I am very happy to having this too much, I think this app will help me to improve my English..... Thanks for this
Reetu G review Reetu G
It is very helpful for some one who is lacking in basic grammar........ like for my sis Abbayya who is studying class 5........... Thanks for th app I thank all the members for this
Ahmed Badawy review Ahmed Badawy
Good job
You really did a good job. I wish to see such a good app for advanced level.
lukas Sampaio review lukas Sampaio
O melhor app pra aprender inglês. Melhora o listening e a gente aprende sem tradução. Muito bom. Super indico.
This app is very helpful for beginners.It helped me very much.Im very happy with this app.I love it.Thanks admin sahab.
Vicky Sidhu review Vicky Sidhu
It gives me all information about all daily life using english words
Mohammed Arif Nazarnavar review Mohammed Arif Nazarnavar
It's a third class app don't waste your time.
Syed TAhir review Syed TAhir
This app is so good and helpful for all those who want to learn speaking english.
Duc Nguyen Minh review Duc Nguyen Minh
It's amazing and easy to use. It is the best emglish studying app.
THIS game is very nice, it is good for beginners if you can not trust so download.
Wasim Khan review Wasim Khan
This is very easy app for beginner. You can download this app ...thank you so much
sasi kumar review sasi kumar
It is useful app.. please use and develop u r communication skills..
David George review David George
It's good It is very helpful I love this app