Bubble Castle APK

Bubble Castle
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Embark on a great adventure in the bubble shooter magical world and save the castle by popping all the bubbles. Set off on a legendary journey, play and enjoy thousands of amazing levels and solve the bubble packed puzzles.

How to Play:
* Match at least 3 bubbles of the same color to pop the group and win points.
* There’s no time limit, so play at your own pace but make sure to plan your shots.
* Thousands of awesome levels filled with fun challenges and puzzles.
* Bubble shooting enchanting experience
* Make special bubble combinations to earn powerful boosters that will assist you in your quest.
* Earn stunning boosts and power-ups by making 7 shots in a row or popping more than 10 bubbles in a single shot.
* Win enough points, reach high scores and try to earn 3 stars on every level.
* Download for free today and join the fun!
* Switching bubbles is free, simply tap on the bubble to change its color.

Why You'll Like It

Thousands of FUN and challenging levels to explore.
Gorgeous graphics and unique effects.
An amazing and relaxing adventure.
Explore the mysterious bubble castle.

Bubble Castle APK reviews

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Alena Rohrbaugh review Alena Rohrbaugh
Chin Kian Wei review Chin Kian Wei
Helen Rajotte review Helen Rajotte
Great game to use your imagination as to were to hit. Great pass time.
Tonya Latour review Tonya Latour
I think that as go up in levels you should be able to earn more coins this goes for the other bubble pop games
A Google user review A Google user
I played few levels it feels in Entrusting
Johnny Knapp review Johnny Knapp
Fun best game
Denise Browne review Denise Browne
Love the game
It's a good and relaxing game .
Skylar Stuller review Skylar Stuller
Fun game. An ad between every round is just too annoying.
Lekshmi Jaidev Nair review Lekshmi Jaidev Nair
Its really irritating in the way colours are offered as if someone is purposely trying to fail u
Verna McInnis review Verna McInnis
Grat and fun game just need to give you the colors you need. Other than that be careful on you picks that will give you more access to aim and win
Trevor Rainwater review Trevor Rainwater
Horrible. Much better bubble games out there
Thomas Brisco review Thomas Brisco
The controls are probably my bad when I concentrate my hands get shaky.
Rose Johnson review Rose Johnson
Its colorful and lively. Just what I need after a bout of serious thinking.
Yvette Google User review Yvette Google User
Need to give more coins as daily gift.