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Bubble Fire
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Play the challenging Bubble Fire game for free! Shoot and pop bubbles at the magical cave and Collect all the Keys in this epic adventure! There are over 500 bubble-packed levels to complete!

? Epic Dragon Beam- pop 7 bubbles in a row and the dragon beam will cut through a pass!

? Explosive Jug – drop 10 bubbles in a single shot and the explosive Jug will take out the surrounding bubbles!

How to Play

? Match at least three bubbles of the same color to pop the group.
? Collect keys to win levels
? Win all the levels by popping all the bubbles in limited shots!
? Challenging and enjoyable levels
? Switching bubbles is free

There’s no time limit, so play at your own pace but make sure not to awaken the the monster in the cave!

Bubble Fire APK reviews

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Stan Burfeind review Stan Burfeind
Enjoyable. Occasional lock up cause restart. Hiding black holes against a black background makes for a challenge. Game will lock up after using a bomb, it will take your coins and give nothing in return
Fareeha Gondal review Fareeha Gondal
I like the keys part but did not like the scary background picture.
irshad khan review irshad khan
Awesome game hai ye....but afsos ki ab tak mai iske bare nahi janta tha.... First class
Sandy Pierce review Sandy Pierce
I enjoy the game it's fun and easy to play, I don't like the fact when I go to get free boosts it kicks me off then I lose the boost.
Ahmed Saeed review Ahmed Saeed
Amazing game more update, please. I have finish the level.
mary haislip review mary haislip
I enjoy it,it's not complicated,or to hard so it's enjoyable
Duvall Tapper review Duvall Tapper
I'm on level 600 and now my game won't open anymore and it loads then closes
Laurs Colon review Laurs Colon
finally found a game that I really like lot's of fun
Gloria Hezekiah review Gloria Hezekiah
U should add more bonuses
Naseem Ahmed review Naseem Ahmed
The best game of bubble shooting on which you have obtain the keys to complete the level. Mind-blowing.
Deborah Harwell review Deborah Harwell
Great game! Fun for a few minutes or hours. Love it!
Ajay Kartik Manisha A
Ayesha Jen review Ayesha Jen
I like this game.
Salvador Hurtado review Salvador Hurtado
Its OK but to many adds
Raju Jana review Raju Jana
Pinky Jana Noki Jana Zodfg Iana