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Bubble Shooter
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?Classic Candy Bubble Shooter is a free game.?
It's a ancient puzzle and Match-Three game.
As a classic game, Candy Bubble shooter is popular at all over the world.
No matter women, child, elderly, housewives, handsome man, pretty girls love Candy Bubble Shooter.
Candy Bubble Shooter is a very funny and happy game. Play it with your family.
We add


Let show it for you.
1. a super pet feed system. You can feed your own bird and dress up it.
2. 500+ funny and challenging game levels, Do you want to challenge your brain?
3. More than 50 kinds of sweet candy bubbles.
4. Fluent shooting experience.
5. Captivating arcade inspired music.
6. Match 3 meets bubble burst.
7. More strategy and more happy.

What we bring to you?
1. Bring relax and happy to you.
2. Help you kill your boring time.
3. Help you train your brain and finger.
4. Are you alone? We will be with you.

Unlike word search game, Candy Bubble shooter is suitable for all countries and all language.
Candy Bubble Shooter is one of the best matching and puzzle game!


If your family have elderly, you want them to keep away from mahjong, card and other casino game or they want find something to kill time.
If your wife, childs or girl friend always bother you.
If your husband or boy friends always live you alone.
You can try to download bubble shooter. All you problem will go away.

Bubble Shooter APK reviews

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A Google user review A Google user
i really enjoyed this game but for some reason it just ran out of levels. it is an empty circle with no nunber. it seems like a glitch. pkease fix
Michael Austin review Michael Austin
I love this app because it's just enough of a challenge so it can be done without pulling your hair out or getting so frustrated your ready to throw your phone across the room. It isn't rigged to fail like so many games today! I'm up too level 663 and have 3 stars on every level. Some levels took a few times to get all 3 stars, but that's what made it more fun to do! Great game for relaxing the mind from world problems!
Penny Kollmansberger review Penny Kollmansberger
I love this game and have become addicted. Only problem is that I can not seem to get the 3rd star on level 51 and 330 no matter how many ways I try. I have even completed the level in 3 shots.
laxmi bhat review laxmi bhat
It was fun suddenly it stopped at 3410. I tried for last 10 days but nothing happening. Will delete it tomm .if it does not go further
Tzippy Sayag review Tzippy Sayag
Great and addicting game. Anoying that the results dont keep if the phone was erased- even though it was connected to my FB account (other games keep score and progress)
Nicky Tair review Nicky Tair
This game was brilliant until you get to level 3410 then its frozen, I tried re-installing it, but the same problem over and over again, I'm quite disappointed
Linda Eltringham review Linda Eltringham
Starts out pretty simple but gets more challenging as you go. If you're feeling low and need something to raise your mood, this is it. Hard to put down.
A Google user review A Google user
Great time killer. Loved the game. I would recommend all game lovers to try this game. Thanks to Candy Bubble Studio for designing such a game. Will be waiting for awesome games like this one!
Anna Thatcher review Anna Thatcher
Some are easy, some challenging , some very hard, but all a lot of fun. Edit: Thank you for soooooo much fun. Got to game 3410. Finally quit. Again thank you fo a fantastic game.
Deepa George review Deepa George
Very addictive. But got stuck at level 2418. Cannot win it.
aman bansal review aman bansal
This game contains a lot of adds which is a headache to play it...uni stalling it right now...developers remove adds to make it resonable to play
Sandra Santiago review Sandra Santiago
Tresea Alewine review Tresea Alewine
Not too easy, not too hard. It's just right. Challenges your mind.
A Google user review A Google user
After the last update my screen is just vlace up until then I was addicted
Rob Buckle review Rob Buckle
Waaaaaay too many ads. One after every single level? Really? The levels are fun, but the ads take all the enjoyment out of it.