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Cell Connect
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★ High scores are hard to obtain in this challenging game, according to gamers worldwide ★

How to play?
In a checkerboard of limited cells, your mission is to connect at least 4 cells with the same number to create a bigger number. After each round, more random numbers would appear, increasing the difficulty of game.
Now let's see who can get the highest score.

• Easy to play but hard to master.
• Checkerboard + cells to merge, bringing you a fresh game experience.
• Endless cells + random numbers, making it progressively difficult.
• Strategize to achieve high scores!

New Features of "Cell Connect":
Brand new weekly challenge presents a different checkerboard and gameplay every week. Come join worldwide players and meet the thrilling challenge!

"Cell Connect" is a fun but challenging game. Come and give it a try!

Cell Connect APK reviews

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Heather Bennett review Heather Bennett
Love it
The game needs upgrade ASAP
It says that you can connect cell connect with Facebook and other social media but it doesn't work at all. I am enjoying this game but because I keep loosing the game. I can't play with out the free coins. I have to see 10 advertising games just to get 1000 coins. Can someone please upgrade the game ASAP and there is n cell connect on Facebook it only got car racing game on Facebook. Please help.
Emma Crossway review Emma Crossway
Ultra Digital Game
Highly technical... Highly recommend for Maths lovers.... My highest score as a guest is more than 100 000.... Highly addictive..... The only thing that I hate that at higher scores it keeps on throwing ones and fours just as it does at the start ... I mean after 40 000 or so ones and fours should be blocked and 16s 32s 64s or even 256 kings should be more frequent.. Cheeta games my review must be replied... Thanks
Cold Shoulder review Cold Shoulder
Surprisingly addictive
I find myself wanting to play 1 game before bed every night since i downloaded it. There are ads after the game ends but they dont seem to bother me. There is am ootion to pay for ad free which i may do but at this time it doesnt hinder game play imo. Going to go play a game now lol
Kate Zimmerman review Kate Zimmerman
You will not be able to put your phone down. When you have to in order to do the mundane tasks associated with adulting, you will sit and think about this game. I've spend way too much time talking about it. Must. Go. Play.....
Pilzer Pilchuck review Pilzer Pilchuck
Game crashes after two screens
Game crashes after two screens. Probably my dumb smart phone. Might be trying to load an ad. I don't know, it crashes. Kicks out to my home screen.
Zuri Johnson review Zuri Johnson
Love it
It makes you think about the best moves cause some will totally complicate the game and lose
Maatin Michael review Maatin Michael
Awesome Game
Short burst fun. A new twist on 2048 that's involved and forces the player to use their mind. Amazing game.
Richard Gilliam review Richard Gilliam
Great game
Simple yet challenging. Easy to play but must use some strategy to advance. Really fun way to kill time.
Blac Hearthsoul review Blac Hearthsoul
The game itself is challenging yet relaxed. It's a great way to pass time!
James Worley review James Worley
Energy user
This game takes up WAY to much battery, overall it's really fun
Matthew Hartman review Matthew Hartman
Numerous ways of crunching time
Good number game. Fun to set up the board to collapse when your pieces fall right
John banegas review John banegas
Good Game
Mark Leaman review Mark Leaman
I like it
Passes the time very nicely
Margaret Kelly review Margaret Kelly
Lots of fun
Relaxing yet challenging