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Dancing Ball Saga
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From the creators of Dancing Line comes a one-touch arcade music game, Dancing Ball! Featuring a distinctive soundtrack, and design, each level is a unique musical journey and challenge!


- Multiple levels – each with an original musical piece and atmosphere
- Addicting rhythm-based gameplay – listen to the music, tap to avoid obstacles!
- Exciting original soundtrack – discover catchy, memorable tunes
- Play for the challenge or to relax – the first levels are a peaceful experience, the later ones require reflexes and skills!
- Free to play – all of the levels and challenges are available through normal gameplay


Each level is a maze built before your eyes. To anticipate what’s coming next and be able to react to its twist and turns you have to listen carefully to the music. The rhythm of the melody is key to everything that happens in the game.

Levels are also designed to tell their own stories. Painted in a distinct graphical style, they allow you to visit and explore multiple different environments. Swim near the bottom of an ocean, fight for survival on a tropical island, take a tour of an ancient castle, navigating its walls and making sure not to hit the floor. Feel the Siberian climate of the Winter level.

The later levels, where you get to venture into lava-filled tunnels and dangerous caves will be the ultimate test of your skills and reflexes! With time and training, you'll be able to crush all of them!


- Ocean - Explore the vast underwater habitat teeming with colorful sea creatures
- Island - Venture across a picturesque tropical island
- Castle - Cross the drawbridge and attempt to crush the castle
- Desert - Fight for survival in this sun-baked environment
- Lava - Don’t fall. Remember - the floor is lava!
- Winter - is coming! Be careful not to perish in the Siberian temperatures
- Cave - Intense, fast-paced level. Can you escape the Cave?

Use your reflexes and your sense of music to survive against impossible odds! Dancing Ball is a game of surprising last moment jumps, excitement, and great music. Let it fascinate you!

The in-game mission system exists to challenge you even after you complete all of the levels. You will want to come back and relive them, as you will be getting rewarded for doing so!

Dancing Ball Saga APK reviews

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Lel review Lel
Soundtracks here are really great. I enjoy listening to them as they are easy to find the beat whenever I tap. The beat taps dont change, which makes this relieving to play, especially once we get to play Dark Mode for each song. You can really close your eyes and play this game and get a perfect streak. Graphics are smooth, doesn't bother your eyes from the path too much, and looks superb if you look at the surroundings.
Savior10K review Savior10K
The game itself is great. I think that 4.99 should allow your to play as much as you like, instead of 24hrs. If a 24hrs option has to be there, make it .99 instead. I feel that more people would be inclined to spend money if that were the case. My only other grievance is that the balls do not recharge unless you use all 10, which makes no sense. Other than that, another fantastic game.
White_Fire review White_Fire
This game is so much fun. I like how you can use the vending machine to customize your ball and your hat. I feel like you should also be able to just buy the items you want with coins though. The game does have some synchronization issues, and I feel like there needs to be more ways to get coins. These are just small things that I'd like to see changed but nonetheless, this game is incredible.
Gordon Leung review Gordon Leung
I play a lot of rhythm games and I've played the Dancing Line before but I have to say this is rather disappointing. Some bits of the maps are horribly designed. You often get teleported to another route and get no time to look at the route and react to it. Sometimes the route is so obscured you're guaranteed to fail in the first couple runs. Basically it's almost impossible to complete the tracks with your instinct and reaction, you just have to fail many many many many times. You're kinda forced to fail because there simply isn't enough info and time for you to react to the game.
Xander Martin review Xander Martin
The game is great! The graphics are also good too! But... there is one thing bothering me - whenever I go into the level when the ball hasn't loaded on the main screen, the music plays before you start playing. If you can kindly fix that tiny bug (Because it messes up the music) then that would be wonderful. But other than that, its a great game! (Played it during testing)
Francis Vierne review Francis Vierne
Speechless.. Smoother than Dancing Line. Soundtrack...11/10 Graphics... better than Dancing Line.. Best Rhythm game Cheetah Mobile ever released.. Bye Dancing Line. You really made Dancing Line worse than ever.. Every level NOW lags on my device on the west "lag" update. Fix it.
Adrian Rompf review Adrian Rompf
Good game BUT just a warning for all of you who are actually musically inclined, I've been through several music/beat orientated apps and they all are like a half a beat off. (Thankfully you can just ignore it because this game has arrows that turn green for when you're supposed to turn/jump.)Ps the reason I'm bringing this up is because its extremely aggravating AND it goes directly against part of one of the ads for it that said, "You can even play with your eyes closed" meaning to listen for the beat so you know when to turn/jump
Brandy Alexander review Brandy Alexander
It's visually pleasing, but the beat of the music is off from the game play, so it's easier to play with the music off. Also it's really annoying to have to wait for more lives when it's the kind of game that's built to make you lose a lot, so that took the fun out of it.
Happy Meal review Happy Meal
Very good, I enjoy playing this game daily :D But there's one thing bothering me. Whether I'm missing something I'm not sure, but there is a goal to 'get streak 32 in "Prelude"' - I have a " full streak" of 21 so??
Carter Davis review Carter Davis
When you enter a level, the music is practically broken compared to what its supposed to sound like and with some parts, you don't get any time to react
Pratik Sanyal review Pratik Sanyal
I hate it....this game is so much difficult. ..please make it a bit easier to be played by everyone
This game is very good as it test your speed and patience but please can you just put more checkpoints because it's sometimes very hard and I can't even reach the checkpoint without failing a hundred times!!??
Marius Cir review Marius Cir
3 stars juat because you have to wait to play again. Everything else is perfect i think.
Phoebe Corney review Phoebe Corney
It is hard for me because I can't do it yet.
Jaden Castillo review Jaden Castillo
Tour game is s--t i hope you die go to hell