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If you want to improve your English, then listening is the first step. The English Listening App by TalkEnglish is the best listening app to help you improve your English listening.

Our lessons were created by ESL instructors with a Masters degree in TESOL. The audio files were recorded by professional voice talents using high quality studio equipment. They speak very clearly and slowly so you can hear the different sounds. The high quality lessons and audio files will help you improve your English listening.

There are six different levels, and they are easy in the beginning and get harder with each step.

The six types consist of:

- Fill in the blank listening lessons
- What is in the picture listening lessons
- Listening to famous quotes
- Short Passages listening lessons
- Sentence Dictation
- Long Paragraphs

Finally, the lessons are fun like playing a game. We also give points for each level. See if you can get the highest points.

You will have fun and improve your English listening with this great app.

English Listening APK reviews

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Very nice this app
I loved it so superb
Moun Ky review Moun Ky
I love it very much.
Rutvik Akale review Rutvik Akale
I love this app thank you
I like it
Nosequien Erestu review Nosequien Erestu
Excellent app. I love
Nafiza Khatun review Nafiza Khatun
It's a very good app
frangueluis review frangueluis
It's amazing. The best app ever
Ammar Hassan review Ammar Hassan
Thanks it's very great app do more we can learning my English was very bad but now I' am going to be better than before
Sara ummuayman review Sara ummuayman
It's the best app I have ever seen. It’s good for those people who speak other languages to lmprove their listen skills really I like it.
Jose Sevilla review Jose Sevilla
It is so useful. My mother language is Spanish, my main problem is listening and this app is wonderful. But I would like use it without internet access. I congratulate you.
sathish bala review sathish bala
Steve Kim review Steve Kim
Perfect listening app
It has many different kinds of listening. It also has fun questions and points. This will help with English listening. I highly recommend it!
georgi dominic review georgi dominic
For beginners
Very good and excellent application. I learned basic English with the help of this app. Thanks.
Mostafa Cheetos review Mostafa Cheetos
ThAnk you . I love this app really . It's amazing
A Google user review A Google user
Thank you I love this app