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English Listening Player
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It is very important to listen to real English conversations as much as you can. If you constantly listen to English then your English hearing will be more open to learning the English language. If you cannot listen, then English speaking will be impossible, so use this app to improve your English listening.

This is a player app similar to music apps.

- Over 200 English conversations from over 20 different native English speakers
- Ability to listen while the screen is off so you can listen while doing something else
- Listen for hours without clicking on any sentences or buttons
- Make playlists of your favorite conversations
- Contains 3 different speeds for each conversation to make listening easier
- Repeat tracks or play them in random order
- Conversation text provided so you can follow along

If you want to learn English, you should use this app for your English listening.

English Listening Player APK reviews

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Tuấn Lê Văn review Tuấn Lê Văn
Thank a lot to app,it's really great,i love it
rabel ahmed review rabel ahmed
They speak like an English.
Pawan Kalirawana review Pawan Kalirawana
Player is awesome...
Azam Aziz review Azam Aziz
I love this app,this app gave me some vocabularies
Good application.
Helping to improve english skills easily
Nice and perfect for strengh of listening factor. Reza from Iran.
Kouame Bernabe review Kouame Bernabe
Personally I think if someone wants to practice his listening skills, this app is the best for him. This app easy to use.
battula chiranjeevi review battula chiranjeevi
This is very useful app for students
benjie thepogi review benjie thepogi
Great app for beginner like me. ?
Jochy Jochyba review Jochy Jochyba
That is Good...
Lakshmi M review Lakshmi M
Very usefull
I like it so much ,because audio is very nice. We can chuse source of audio , most better than other apps
mazharul islam review mazharul islam
A Google user review A Google user
Wow This app is very interesting Thanks for create this fantastic app , is very Beatifull.
Alexandre Mbumba review Alexandre Mbumba
Very Good. Thank you very much for the app.
nurul fatimah review nurul fatimah
Recommended for teaching our listening ☺