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Grow your crops, expand your resources and help your farm live long and prosper - all with just one hand! Feed your dog and get rewards every day! Manage your estate and enjoy country life!

Living organic on a farm has never been this convenient! Simplified farming mechanics in this charming game ensure that every action is at the tip of your thumb. Grow your own food, craft recipes, feed your cute animals and trade with neighbors!
Farm On! is the perfect game for the multi-tasking, modern day casual farmer on the go!

Expand your land so you can build new buildings and fields, plant interesting fruit trees and get more happy animals, and deliver all the orders from your customers from a nearby town. Make the animals and crops happy and prove that you are a real farmer!

Grow and manage your farm
Care for cute cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and more
Harvest organic crops and cook recipes
Craft food in animated production buildings
Make breakfast, juices, salads, desserts, dairy products and more
Trade goods with friends or sell them in the market
Fish the waters and complete train orders
Beautify the land with classic and seasonal decorations

Farm On! is a free-to-play game, however some items can be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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Farm On! APK reviews

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Tasha Lee review Tasha Lee
This game is absolutely amazing!! The cute pig icon enticed me. I gave the game of shot and I ended up absolutely loving it. I've only played it for about 10 minutes and I'm already addicted! Currently one of my absolute favorite farm games of all time! I love the grid layout of the Farm so everything things fit perfectly!!! I also love the up-and-down scrolling so you can see everything. Everything is very clean! This game is incredibly unique and I love the graphics! Every single aspect of the design of the game is amazing and cute even down to the game play everything is smooth and attractive and still fun and addictive!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Kelton Wheatley De forge review Kelton Wheatley De forge
The black screen bug has been fixed! Unfortunately the servers seem to be down for me, as it won't let me connect, tells me I don't have internet. However, props for responding and fixing things as they appear! I know it'll work for me soon now.
Lili Noscario review Lili Noscario
Great but has bugs. And the game froze now, (I can exit the game but the game and wait times froze) so I can't collect crops or touch anything! Even disconnecting wifi doesn't do anything! And the game needs wifi to work!
Tea Spoon review Tea Spoon
Because you are to dictated by level and then a limit to how many of each building/animal turns this game into a mindless, virtually zero strategy click and wait game... you will probably get bored just a question of how long it takes.... Now if you wanted to make it interesting you would be able to build any building/animal in any amount and be limited by space and money. This gives the player at least a bit if strategy and then a good balanced market system as well as good balance in the costing of buildings/animals and farming plots the game might get interesting. Add some way to specialise as you level up.... make expansion for land money based not level based....
Robin Ricafort review Robin Ricafort
It always says no internet connection. Well in fact im connected to our wifi or my mobile data. Sucks dude. Still cant open it. Im gonna uninstall this. The developers are not doing anything to fix this. They only want money. Pity.
Telishia Gallman review Telishia Gallman
I downloaded this game because I thought it looked neat, but it wouldn't even open. I got the logo and then a black screen. I gave it about 5 minutes to see if it was just slow, but nothing...
so far the only thing I like r the animals. gaining points it's happening, looks as it stays in one number. meaning I run an errand but blue star isn't working.
Rod Jones review Rod Jones
Garbage app. I have full internet connection and still will not connect to your server. Fix your game. I am not sure why I have to connect to your server anyways. This should be a offline game.
Paul Helliwell review Paul Helliwell
Utter total rubbish the stupid thing won't even play. Pretty good though if you like looking at a black screen. Don't even waste your electric or your charge.
Cassidy Brewer review Cassidy Brewer
The game is really good. but. im also finding problems with the sales market list not showing up. besides that. I think the game is really good! c: keep uo the good work! Have a good dayd c:
Michal Smolarek review Michal Smolarek
S6 edge+ won t work. I have black screen after i open the game :l i m sad
Kristine Cayabyab review Kristine Cayabyab
So dissapointed right now it keeps saying that idont have internet connection... Hope you can fixed it I will give you 5star
Drama Land review Drama Land
Well, overall its good. But please make more features, and more social, i feel like i play alone XD, and it will very good if dev can make feature "Double Tap Confirmation" for using gem, so sad i lost 10 gem in mistake. T.T. Thanks
Goran Alasov review Goran Alasov
One handed farming game! Wow, it's one of those great ideas you just can't believe you didn't think of first! Amazing work guys!
TheMusicterminator review TheMusicterminator
Great game!!! It's so fun I can't stop playing it. I never thought that the game in witch I build the farm will ever draw my attention, but I can tell you this is so addictive .