Flick Golf World Tour APK

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Flick your balls to sink a perfect hole-in-one! Add spin and curve using our signature after-touch controls. It's the most fun you can have on the fairway!

"Impossible to put down" - Eurogamer

Beat high scores across 15 beautiful courses set in amazing locations across the globe. Have a Quickshot, embark on a World Tour and more!

Bunkers, trees, water and wind will test your mettle as you drive for the high score.

Smash the brand new game mode, Eliminator! How many consecutive hole-in-ones can you hit? Share scores with your friends and compete to be the true master of Flick Golf. It's perfect one finger gameplay!

Now with cutting-edge Full HD graphics.

"Full Fat has picked up the ball-flicking baton from PikPok, laid it on the ground & taken a 9 iron to it." - Pocket Gamer

• The best ball control from tee to hole
• Innovative aftertouch for in-flight spin and curve
• 15 gorgeous golf courses to master
• 3 great game modes, including the new Eliminator
• Rewarding missions
• Challenging variable weather conditions
• Leaderboards and achievements
• Full HD resolution

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Flick Golf World Tour APK reviews

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Jim Duffenais review Jim Duffenais
Very addictive
Challenging. .im having a hard time getting 20,000 to advance past fourth course but im not giving up!! Hence the challenge ?
Chris Ashton review Chris Ashton
Ok game but don't bother with the free one
Free version gives you maybe 90secs of game play before you're out of energy or whatever they call it and you can either buy more or wait for it to regen. It's free so limited play and in-game purchases are fine but this is so quick it's not worth playing.
Paul l review Paul l
Great fun
Great fun! But difficult as well.
Miranda Jangula review Miranda Jangula
Cool game
It is a really fun game but I don't like how you need to wait 4 minutes between every turn.
Casey DeLoach review Casey DeLoach
Pretty Fun
All these dummies talking about the game is too hard didn't read the instructions. You get points for curving the ball not just landing in the points zones.
James Thomson review James Thomson
Flick golf
Cool wee game. Cool to play and easy. Cheer
Tim Hauber review Tim Hauber
Addicting game. Once you get your first perfect shot (hole in one on the fly), you wish you remembered how you did it.
Timothy Gates review Timothy Gates
Took awhile to work, but loving it now. Some restrictions on free game but not too bad. Really enjoying the in-air and ground spinning, great fun. Better grafs than most golf games though it doesn't compare to other genres. Good work and thanks!
Dean Smith review Dean Smith
Great game
Excellent game to all the people who say you can't get past the first level you obviously aren't playing it properly since I'm on the fifth level
Keith Evans review Keith Evans
Great app but the energy part sucks I can only play 2 rounds before they want me to buy more
Annie Martinez review Annie Martinez
Looooove it
Its so much fun to play its really addicting even my kids looove it they play it on their tablets all the time after school and homework of course
William Bomar review William Bomar
Fun but...
Compete for bragging rights among your friends! But very annoying when waiting for the energy to build back up to play it for free, especially when it's been several hours since you last played ):
Michael Clyde review Michael Clyde
I have won three tournaments and two course's because I got use to the game. it's not flawed people just don't like challenging games. life is not easy get over it but it does get boring but I have yet paid for this to win either. the second course I scored over 74000 points when the amount is 50000, so you tell me why can I beat it and pass the first stage!!
Chris White review Chris White
Didn't get a 5 because its mostly par 3 so far. All n all its good tho
josh jones review josh jones
Good game..... Too difficult to advance
The game and game play are awesome.... but u have to score 50,000 points on the first course to advance unless u buy a new one for a buck....