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Flick Quarterback 18
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Call the shots. Flick Quarterback puts the guts and glory of offensive passing football in your hands. Pass to receivers, dodge blitzing defenders, score touchdowns and throw amazing trick shots. You are the MVP.

The incredible flick and swipe controls that have made users across the world love Flick Golf and Flick Soccer are now powering Flick Quarterback.

Unlock rewards simply by playing. Earn free boosts, cheerleaders, player upgrades, fireworks and even new game modes.

• Play as the Quarterback
• Multiple passing options
• Upgrade your stadium
• Challenging missions
• Stunning graphics and visual effects
• Realistic weather with rain and snow


Flick Quarterback 18 APK reviews

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Jeff Granberry review Jeff Granberry
The graphics and the game are pretty fun but the game constantly closes itself out and returns me to the home screen. This is a constant problem.
Edward Morrish review Edward Morrish
Really good game really enjoy playing it. Read the other reviews before download had second thoughts but cant keep off it lol. Also needs a few more challenges but other than that cant complain
E Maldonado review E Maldonado
The game is sick!!!
Dope graphics, quick turn arounds, easy game play-off fuss. 1 of the best time killers there is.
Matthew Goodwill review Matthew Goodwill
Good but...
Got upto roughly 16,000+ points then gane broke and shut down what let down
Mark Langdon review Mark Langdon
No control on the ball. Keeps closing after I play 3 games. Don't even bother downloading.
Sahleem Caldwell review Sahleem Caldwell
Love it. But do other positions
I really love the game so can yall give us other positions
Seth Skinner review Seth Skinner
A lot of fun
Only problem is a lot of constant offers asking for money and ads (to be expected in a Free to Play game) Also, when you have boosts, the button on screen is too close to the switch receiver button. Other than that, graphics are great, controls are easy to pick up, and it's pretty addicting.
Kevin Riddle review Kevin Riddle
Best QB game on the market
I downloaded 5 different football games until I found this one. Super addicting, lots of fun and easy to play. The only thing I dislike about it is how quickly it drains my battery. Tons of good graphics, but it uses a bunch of phone power. 5 stars!
Adam Donnelly review Adam Donnelly
Great game but....
I'm already getting sick of the constant ads. Other than that it's a lethal game defo worth 5 stars?
Love it
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Yazeed Abzal review Yazeed Abzal
Game does not even start
As soon as i enter the game it loads and then stops working
Craig Schermerhorn review Craig Schermerhorn
Fun and easy, but overly aggressive money grab
Little choppy but fun... five stars all day for the gameplay however the number of ads and frequency with which they stop gameplay is extortion
Henil Patel review Henil Patel
Good game
A Google user review A Google user
Not enough depth to keep a real fan of the NFL interested. Being able to actually play for a season trying to make the playoffs, the Super Bowl and maybe even performing well enough to make the Pro Bowl would make this a better game. The controls are ok but like I said no depth.
Ben Miller review Ben Miller
Great game only some problems. The reward system is out of whack. You get the same reward for getting 2 million and 100 million points. Also the wind only goes up to 95 and the rushers never speed up so the game just gets a bit boring.