Forest Smash - Match 3 APK

Forest Smash - Match 3
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Are you ready for an amazing adventure at the enchanted forest? Download for free and play the awesome Forest Smash match 3 game. It is extremely fun and addictive! Clear your mind and experience this thrilling puzzle game, travel through thousands of magical levels filled with woodland mushrooms, berries, leaves and acorns and solve all the fun challenges. Plan ahead your moves and collect all the delicious forest berries to win levels.
Swap and match at least 3 unique items to remove them and clear the board. Complete the missions and try getting 3 stars on every level. Unlock magical power-ups and other fun surprises to help you get through hard levels and challenges.

* Plenty of exciting levels to explore.
* Stunning backgrounds.

* Move forest items to make matches.
* Make unique combinations to get special power-ups.
* Hours of entertainment!
* Try to complete all the challenges before you run out of moves.

As you start a new and exciting level, try to find the largest amount of items which combined together will create greater effects and will help you reach high scores and earn unique boosters.

Forest Smash - Match 3 APK reviews

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David Wagner review David Wagner
Was looking for a small un intrusive match 3. This has no permissions and the ads are not to bad. The puzzles are challenging with out being impossible.
Angie Lawson review Angie Lawson
It's a baby game to fake! Just not for me! It looks like a 8 year old drew it
Kimberly Miller review Kimberly Miller
Great game that you can play for a long time!
Paula Griffin review Paula Griffin
How do you expect anyone to win level 652?!
Sharon Sansom review Sharon Sansom
Great game. No life limit x
Kimberly Barrows review Kimberly Barrows
So sad it's over
Sheryl Slaughter review Sheryl Slaughter
Really fun I like it a lot
Olivia Alvarez review Olivia Alvarez
It's fun, getting to know the game and it's fun and I'm passing the levels well.
Barbara Simon review Barbara Simon
Great butvvery, very addictive
Theresa Duff review Theresa Duff
Great so far
cheryl parrish review cheryl parrish
Love it
Lisa Gal review Lisa Gal
?Great game so far... Enjoying the Graphics ? Keep up the Great Work? " Match 3 Fun Games" ? Always got an eye out for more games of yours-- ?????
Prashanthi Kallepalli review Prashanthi Kallepalli
Just kk
Lynda Baker review Lynda Baker
I love this one even MORE than the bugs!!! Love the forest fairy feeling! ! Glad I found this one, I went through all the levels on the bugs and really missed it!! Now I can keep going!!
Janet Myler review Janet Myler
I just love rescuing ladybugs!