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From the creators of ANGRY BIRDS comes the most DELICIOUS of match 3 games with CUTE characters and FRESH and FRUITY puzzle gameplay. Meet the NIBBLERS – your fishy friends who only want to eat YUMMY fruit – ALL the yummy fruit! Om nom nom!

All fun and games right? Woohoo! Fruit party over here! Well, the island’s reptilian inhabitants are not too happy about our group of aquatic party animals gobbling up all their fruit, and they’ll try to stop them at all turns. It’s up to you to use the Nibblers’ special powers to keep a steady supply of fruit flowing and elude those pesky lizards in this soggy saga!


The masterminds behind Angry Birds have ingrained Nibblers with their brand of zany humor, a beautiful design style, and fun & addictive gameplay!

Match four, five, or more fruit to call in Coral, Octo, and the rest of the Nibblers. These fish have some tricks up their sleeves. Use their special abilities to munch more fruit, topple the lizards, and take out obstacles.

Nibblers is super simple to learn! Just match three similar fruits and you’re nibbling! It’s easy to pick up and play, but with over 200 levels – and more to be added, there’s always a new challenge waiting!

Embark on an island hopping adventure and navigate obstacles in a multitude of unique and puzzling levels – with new ones added all the time!

Get social! Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends in the leaderboards, see their progress on the island map, and share special gifts!

Heaps of scaley baddies aim to crash your fruit party. Matching fruits next to a lizard is enough to send it packing, but you’ll have to get crafty to take care of tougher enemies – and boss battles will pit your fruit matching skills against the toughest of the lizardy ranks.


We have a COMMUNITY where fish are FRIENDS and not food, join now for the freshest news:





Having trouble? Send a message to our support team at [email protected]


Nibblers is completely free to play, but there are optional in-app purchases available. Time to get your nibble on!

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Julia Johnson review Julia Johnson
It's better than most games that are like it
Betty Aberly review Betty Aberly
Love it
Susan Childers review Susan Childers
Best 3 Match Game Out There!
I can't gush enough about how amazing this game is! The graphics are cute and well done; the power ups are not over or under powered so you can use them intelligently; the levels are fun, challenging, addicting, and engaging! I can have fun yet have to think through things which honestly is the best thing for me.
Natalie Ball review Natalie Ball
Cute critters
Not sure what these little guys are, but the levels are just challenging enough to not get boring. Would give it a "5" , but there are not enough opportunities to earn bonuses, and you can quickly tire of the Angry Birds ads. Still fun to play. Decent job by Rovio.
Krystal Dean Corio review Krystal Dean Corio
Fun, but not quite sure yet
Before I install ANYTHING I first read as many reviews as I possibly can then the overall stars of course then run the video of there is one and if it's under 4.2 I normally won't install this is my 2nd go round with this 1 and I know I love the game but the 2nd they make it to where I HAVE to spend my cash to pass a level then it's a goner I refuse to be forced to spend money it should be because I CHOOSE to not HAVE to in order to move forward so we'll see, so I'll leave it at 5 for now
Steve Ferraro review Steve Ferraro
Too greedy again
This game is very fun. The only problem is it is rigged to make you spend lots of money to continue playing. What what happens if you get close but somehow the program keeps you from getting that last move you need to win unless you buy more coins. You have just made this game frustrating. It used to be fun now it's just too hard to make progress. Not that I'm a w hi inner but really when you can make no progress unless I keep buying more and more. Really too bad cause it's a great game.
Frank Pierannunzio review Frank Pierannunzio
Great game
Great game. Now at 1300 level. But now have to wait 17 hours for next level. And then, they only give you three more puzzles. I would avoid buying any coins or anything once you hit the 800 level. But love the game
Gill Lepine review Gill Lepine
A "Spectacular Joy To Play"
Simply therapeutic and uplifting for the soul... But be warned: YOU CAN'T STOP ONCE YOU START,'s just too much fun!
Daniel Lawler review Daniel Lawler
Up grade problem
I have had this game for awhile now and it's good in every area but since the last upgrade I have not been able to watch a video for the bonus. What happens is the video starts but finishes half way through. I don't know if this is just a Nexus 6 problem but please fix it.
ruby lingatong review ruby lingatong
cute and nice to play.. the only thing I don't like is that when you are not connected to wifi the level goes back to level 1 it's so annoying when you want to play out side the house and find out it goes back to level 1 and start again... ???
Nyasha Esmond Masawi review Nyasha Esmond Masawi
Just unputtably down good...
The height of imgination! I like that bouncer now drops in anywhere and not just the centre. And i can now spin for free to get instant boosters! Dispise those flowers though!
Ramona Fernandes review Ramona Fernandes
Great GE!! Visuals are cute. Keeps you engaged
Turtle review Turtle
Super cute graphics, loads of variety for level types and obstacles, and it's challenging without feeling impossible. It never feels like you have to spend real money to progress, and the ads aren't intrusive or annoying. Overall, a great game.
Marcy Hansen review Marcy Hansen
Still Love it. Still addicting!
Only criticism I have is that you are frozen while the animation catches up, which give the lizards the atvantage while you are frozen. Unfair atvantage. Totally addicting. Still love it. Still totally addicting. When is the merchandising coming out? 6/19/16- levels are getting more challenging the higher you go. The grand tunament is a cool interactive feature and a great way to win coin and help creatures for those of us who can't afford to keep buying them.