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**You must install QPair from the PlayStore before installing this app**
**Requires GPlayer to installed on the second device which media is played on**

With that out of the way, GMote is not a standalone application, there's actually 2 of them (confusing I know). Anyway, this one is for your phone and the other is the companion app for your other device/tablet. A video player for the tablet which will support a wide range of formats. Going on, a remote for the phone with which you could Play, Pause, Volume Control, Scrubbing.

-Subtitle Support
-Delete Multiple Videos
-Orientation Control
-Adjust Playback Speed
-Media Playback
-Play videos from URLs (Enter on phone)
-Playback Control (Play, Pause, Scrub)
-Volume Control (Hardware keys on phone included)
-Multiple format support

Also, this isn't just a onetime gimmick, it's something that comes in handy when you have a movie on your GPad and you want to watch it on a big screen with your friends and you don't want to turn on your laptop just to transfer it to a USB. I tried to be punny. So if you're a media lover, someone who love to watch movies (emoticon) and tv shows, this project might just be for you.

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