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GOM Audio is a high-quality music player which supports sync lyrics while playing music files.
The users may listen to music while viewing lyrics. Also, they can play & download popular podcast programs, and Cloud music on GOM Audio.

[Key Feature(s)]
ㆍ GOM Audio offers two sensational themes which allows the users to maintain their screen while playing music.
(Gesture Function: The user may turn on/off the sync lyrics when tapping the sync lyrics for a long period of time / GOM Audio’s screen will be converted to Sync Lyrics Viewer when the user taps Sync Lyrics or Album Art)
ㆍ GOM Audio provides various types of widgets allowing the users to create their own set-up regarding size, feature (Sync Lyrics/Quick Play), colour and others.
ㆍ Smart Lock Screen offers various features including Keep Screen function, Sync Lyrics, Quick Play and Current Playlist
ㆍ Sync Lyrics Viewer allows the users to view or search sync lyrics of the currently playing music.
(Gesture Function: GOM Audio will play previous/next music if the user swipes the screen / The users can choose a certain location of music according to his or her preference just by double tapping certain lyrics)
ㆍ Sync Lyrics Editing function allows the users to register or temporarily save the lyrics after editing the unregistered sync lyrics.
ㆍ GOM ID allows the users to manage self-registered sync lyrics. Also, GOM ID allows the users to synchronize their Subscriptions on Podcast to their own personal computers.
ㆍ GOM Audio offers powerful sounds of 10 BAND's equalizer and also offers various sounds effects including but not limited to Reverb, Playback speed control and Pitch control.
ㆍ The users can tune up, save and manage the Equalizer and Reverb effect on the program.
ㆍ Podcast allows users to live-stream and download popular channels.
ㆍ GOM Audio notifies the user’s favourite channel’s episode update(s).
ㆍ My Music allows the users to manage their playlist by preference, artist, album and folder.
ㆍ GOM Audio allows the users to manage various basic playlists. Also, the users can create their own playlist through Add My Playlist.
ㆍ GOM Audio supports DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive cloud storage system. GOM Audio also supports WebDAV and FTP.
ㆍ Quick Play allows the users to play or change the music on the widget or on the lock screen without running the application.
ㆍ Auto Repeat is useful for both streaming and academic purpose.
ㆍ Timer allows the users to adjust the Auto-Shutdown function in an hour/minute/second units.
ㆍ My Ring Tone allows the users to convert a certain song into his or her ringtone.
ㆍ M/V allows the users to view the music video of the currently playing song.
ㆍGOM Audio supports various kinds of music files(such as MP3, WMA etc).

■ Please contact GOM’s customer centre if you have any trouble when using GOM Audio. (http://audio.gomlab.com/center.gom)

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Irah Munirah review Irah Munirah
I think you should add another theme.. Because theme's that you make is perfect but i want another theme too.. And it would be perfect too when i want to search the lyrics and then choose the lyrics, it would save immediately at the music.. Sorry for my broken english
Shaunak Basu review Shaunak Basu
Why is there no option to remove adverts? I don't mind paying for that, and I am pretty sure a lot of users will be more than happy to do it too. Please don't be a leach...
willoz marrimz review willoz marrimz
Sound is awesome,I use a Huawei Mates and once my phone locks im locked to only my playist,if I click back it locks me in the selected playlist,I think if you can make it show other folders it be great....its a great app.
Akshay Babu review Akshay Babu
Dont know why its rated 4.3. I loved it its far awar better than vlc Or any playes music is mind blowing easy to opperate Over all⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Dinesh Prabu review Dinesh Prabu
Best competitor for other major music players.. A little bit improvement needed anyway..
A Google user review A Google user
Better than other apps. Plz add Sort by options like 'date created' RATING OPTION AUTO PLAYLISTS BY RATING OR OTHER. SAVING OF LYRICS IN THE FILE AS IT IS IN GOM PLAYER PC
Amar vediya review Amar vediya
Updated Version Is Awesome .Thanks For Fix The Bugs
Paresh Bhartia review Paresh Bhartia
U need to add a feature to identify song info like in musicxmatch player so that the player can fetch correct lyrics. Also u can add a feature to edit and auto find tags and music id for the songs in the memory of phone. This app has every capability to be the best music app of 2017 easily beating musicxmatch. Cheers
Rio A.S review Rio A.S
Maybe can be kill mxm music player later, good to see potential music app on 2017. At first lets talk about some bug, and cons: 1.Volume control seems doesn't work. 2.Doesn't have alfabatical scrollbar on main song list, so if you have tons of music on your device, gom audio will give you pain to your thumb. 3.Sound Effect seem need a lot improvement, Preamp looks awful, sorry to say but this really bad preamp control! Why we can't set lower preamp outputs there ?! 4. Pitch And Speed, too much audio glitch. 5.10 band eq, a lot of incorrect frequency and cheap audio output. I'm looking forward to see better improvement guys. Btw i not GOM PLAYER PC user.
A Google user review A Google user
It's good. But not great. It doesn't have many songs. Sometime it said to register. Although it's useful for some ways. I like it.
Great sound quality, simple and fluent UI and Syncing lyrics option is awesome... Would be perfect if it includes "Edit Tag Info" and Dark Theme support... Please include that...
김 review
I love this app soooo much. But i hope i can add a picture what we want. I love a song with a picture. I hope you'll read this. Thank you ?
Nur Faizin review Nur Faizin
Great job dude. The audio quality is better than stock app. But fix the lyric sync, in some non mainstream songs it's doesn't appear. But great work!!
Kamal Kumar review Kamal Kumar
Awesome work by you Really loved ur player I m using ur player first time but after using ur player i hve uninstalled all mp3 players U r the best U have the best player in google play Awesome bro
Ahmad Darweesh review Ahmad Darweesh
By far it is the best music player i have used since i have changed my samsung mobile. All features almost available. Ads are not disturbing which is cool. Thanks for the good work.