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NO.1 Video Player

Enjoy the easy and convenient free player on mobile with the same reputation as GOM Media Player!

We definitely support basic functions!
We support non-encoding, speed control, finger gesture, subtitle management, section movement, light control, etc.

1. Variety of non-encoded video files including mp4 types can be played.
2. You can play 360 videos
3. Convenient UI, such as slide menus and intuitive screen options.
4. You can manage the list of your favourite videos.
5. You can screenshot the screen while it is being played.
6. We support sleep timer function
7. It is possible to connect to Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, WebDAV, and FTP
8. We support advanced settings

*EAC3 and DTS codecs are pay-codecs and they can only be used on the devices that support them.

■ Please contact GOM customer centre anytime if you are experiencing any problems. (http://player.gomlab.com/center.gom)

GOM Player APK reviews

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J J review J J
Liked the program on my PC, but don't need my video player to be able to access and make phone calls. Too invasive!!! I don't mind watching a few ads, but this is a step too far!
This thing wants to be able to make and manage phone calls on my device??!! I think not! lol. How these people think they can get away with such invasive software is beyond me, next to the fools who accept their privacy stripped away for a mere video player.
Aravind Guptan Nair review Aravind Guptan Nair
I love this app soo much Thanks to gom team
Rakesh mishra review Rakesh mishra
Amazing but must keep it ad free
sami alameer review sami alameer
This programe is havy but still good I hop to reprocess this problem
Rishi Raj Bharati review Rishi Raj Bharati
Not good for HD videos
Behrooz modirii review Behrooz modirii
When I use this player , my battery phone gets too hot
Zakir Husen review Zakir Husen
Please add equalizer
Pankaj Yadav review Pankaj Yadav
Great!!!!!! but one problem.
But I have one problem to tell u that it leaves a lot of sentences in SRT file which is made by SMI file. What I did was opened SMI with notepad and copied it than pasted it in SRT file now when I play it in gom player it leaves a lot of words where vlc player plays it smoothly. I love ur player fix this so it can beat vlc. BOL!!!
David Echegoyen review David Echegoyen
HW Decoding not supported
The player tells me to switch to SD Decoding, and that is too choppy to watch. Why call yourself the best and number 1 player when other players such as MX player and even Video Player For Android outperform yours and actually WORK when yours doesn't?
Andrew Jo review Andrew Jo
Kind of "OK"... but hate sw or hw encoding setup all the time... the pc version shows every video formats fine. But not this app... abolish hw sw encoding... want to watch a video in peace
This is the Best, i thought it won't work on my Samsung Galaxy J7...cause i usually use it on my Laptop PC,
I love GOM so much good in subtitles, perfect HD, full screen and very clear tnx guys keep up the good work, i gave you 100 Stars, it's just that no space for other 95 star, salute guys
Simply wow...but you should fix battery drain issue
Everything has been fixed now.
Devyn Roy review Devyn Roy
Clean up???
Could you clean up the app ap bit making the size smaller because 22mbs for a video player seems like alot.
Farhad Farhad review Farhad Farhad