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GOM Saver - Memory Storage Saver
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GOM Saver, built by the video experts at GOM & Company. GOM Saver was created to save you memory storage space on your smart phone. Unlike other cleaner apps which temporarily save a few kilobytes (kb) cleaning cache, GOM Saver can save you gigabytes (Gigs), making a huge impact on your memory storage.

GOM Saver is first and only app that focuses on saving a lot of memory storage space. No more deleting your apps, videos, photos, etc. when your memory storage is full. With GOM Saver you can keep it all and add more!

Why is GOM Saver the best memory storage saving app?
* Other apps “Cleaners” just delete cache, and temp files. This is only saves you a few kilobytes (kb) “Imagine a mouse” temporarily. Cache and temp files are automatically created when using your phone, such as browsing the internet and chatting.
* GOM Saver can save you gigabytes (gigs) “Imagine a bear” of memory storage space. It can feel like you have a whole second phone.
* By creating more memory storage space, GOM Saver allows you to keep all your files such as videos, photos, and apps.

What does GOM Saver do?
We all know that video files take up a lot of memory storage space per video. However, videos are precious to us and something we should keep and cherish. Not something to delete when we need memory storage space.
* GOM Saver, automatically and easily, optimizes the videos you shoot with your phone so that they take up less memory storage space without any noticeable loss in video quality, by using compression technology.
With 1 touch you can now keep all your videos, and shoot more videos!

Who should use GOM Saver?
* GOM Saver is for anyone and everyone that shoots videos with their phones and needs more memory storage space.

How does GOM Saver work?
1. When you open GOM Saver it automatically scans and analysis your video files.
2. Then GOM Saver selects videos to optimize.
3. GOM Saver will automatically upload your original videos on the cloud and leave the optimized videos on your phone.
4. Finished!
Bonus: You can even share your finished files with your friend and family!
*Now you have more memory storage space
*you have your videos in your phone to watch anytime
*And just in case, your original videos are safely stored in the cloud service of your choice!

If you have any questions or comments please email us at [email protected]

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