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*** Exclusively for Jio SIM and Jio Network users ***

Jio4GVoice (earlier JioJoin) from Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd now comes in a brand new avatar. Did you know that your regular smartphone is capable of giving you a crystal clear voice and video calling experience? Jio4GVoice enhances your non-VoLTE 4G phone with VoLTE capabilities. You can now use your non-VoLTE smart phone to make HD voice and video calls to any landline or mobile number anywhere in the world. You can also use these VoLTE features on your existing 2G/3G smartphones via JioFi.
Not just that, Jio4GVoice also marks the entry of Rich Communication Services (RCS) in India. RCS has exciting features such as Rich Call, Chat, Group Chat, file share, location share, doodles, stickers and many more are available.

What Jio4GVoice does?
• Jio4GVoice brings TRUE 4G/ VoLTE high-definition voice and video calling on your existing 2G, 3G, 4G smartphone. You can use Jio4GVoice with a Jio SIM either in the phone or in a JioFi connected to your phone. To turn your device from ‘smart’ to ‘super’ all you need is a Jio SIM... Jio4GVoice will do the rest!
• Enjoy Rich Communication features with any Jio4GVoice user on any smartphone, including VoLTE phones.

HD Voice & Video Calling
Stay connected with friends, family and work across the globe. Make and receive calls from any other mobile/landline number, over 4G mobile data. You can also enjoy group conversations with multiple participants. Enjoy HD voice and video calling with fellow Jio4GVoice users.

Rich Call
Give your calls more life with customized messaging, images & location on the receiver’s screen. Intimate the urgency of your call on the receiver’s screen by using the ‘Urgent Call’ feature. It is hard to ignore a call that says it all!

Unified Messaging for SMS & Chat
With Jio4GVoice you can send and receive text messages from your Jio number to any mobile number. You can do group chats & share images, videos, location and all types of files like .zip, .pdf to your Jio4GVoice contacts. Set Jio4GVoice as your default messaging app to manage all your SMS and chat threads in one Inbox.

Enhanced Calling from your phone dialer
Want to make a call? Forget fishing for the app. Simply go to your phone dialer, punch in the number or search for the contact name like you always do, and Jio4GVoice will smartly place the call through the app.

You can also use the cool Rich Call feature through the phone dialer!
Psst… want to make a plain call and not Rich Call, just hold the phone to your ear and the call will go through!

In Call Share
Calling made more fun! Express your thoughts with a quick doodle, share location of the party or sketch the direction to a meeting point in real time, all this while you are on a call. Share images & chat messages instantly without disconnecting your call!

So just grab a Jio SIM, download the Jio4GVoice app and experience the new edge in communication!

This service is provided by Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd.

Jio4GVoice APK reviews

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JIO has made historical change in telecom . Call rate and internet service are best in quality in India . Thanks to JIO management to provide such a good service with so reasonable rate. This made other service provider to stop looting customers in India . Thanks once again JIO team.
Kunal Saini review Kunal Saini
Ever since they started showing ads, the app became more laggy. Though the call quality is good. App is gradually becoming a bloatware and takes hundreds MB of RAM.
Amit Jaiswal review Amit Jaiswal
Jio sets a limit package for everyone and it's good for all. Please add conference call in Jio, Double voice problem while talking, And last but not the least is whenever I was talking to anyone and at that time another call comes then Jio gets disconnected. Please solve this problem. Overall it's 60-40.
anvesh valisammagari review anvesh valisammagari
There is something wrng vid ur netwrk...calls are not audible...have to call3 or4 times to get it properly connected
subbarao kv review subbarao kv
After updating today application continuously showing configure 4G voice with sim number and phone is hanging. But not shown any to fill such number .Very bad update
ਸੰਦੀਪ ਸ਼ੁਕਲਾ review ਸੰਦੀਪ ਸ਼ੁਕਲਾ
The ads are very annoying which is "make rich call" plz remove it
kookie monster kikon review kookie monster kikon
I would be happy if this app won't go offline every time I try to make a phone call. It's really bugging me when I make a call it goes offline. Else everything is fine I would rate it 5stars but not till it's fixed
Abid Shaikh review Abid Shaikh
This is history of India Jio cheep price 4g service thnx
G Harsha Nidhi review G Harsha Nidhi
1. Even if I cut the call and try to call the same person the same old random person comes into picture 2. Unable to connect to landlines 3. No conference calls
manoj Bedia review manoj Bedia
Very good but network problem jam
manjil saikia review manjil saikia
It's not at all working in my samsung says me to insert a jio sim even after inserting my jio sim.. What's wrong with needs to work on it, its been a week i am unable to make calls from my jio number
Shankar Duddeda review Shankar Duddeda
Am using jio but...I couldn't able to make any calls in coming and out going.. What is the problem.. Plz try to make customer number to give complete and swallow the problem....plz we respect reliance... Give good service to the customers.. Thanks. Y no reply
Rishi yadav review Rishi yadav
App not working since the latest update
I updated this app in d morning nd since den I am not able to make any calls. Data is working perfect but Jio 4G voice isn't getting connected and the status is offline. I have even reinstalled the app but it's of no worth. Kindly solve dis issue..
hemanth kumar review hemanth kumar
Swift response
Have been using for almost a month now suddenly it's not connecting even though data is connected to LTE (MOREOVER the app is ain't registering with sim) although the data seems to be working . pls give me a speedy response edit: 15/12/16.... Its working again thanks for the response jio team, this app kinda not supporting when it's connected to a Bluetooth speaker while we take calls, pls try fixing the issue, thanks again
Nisanth Puliyath review Nisanth Puliyath
BUG! to is frequently showing me as offline even between calls! calls are getting disconnected and needs phone to restart! please fix this asap.