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Talk English Standard is the official Free TalkEnglish.com Android App. There are over 900 lessons and 8,000 audio files to help you learn how to speak English fluently. Most lessons contain clickable sentences that you can click to listen to a native English speaker say that sentence. Each lesson page also has a self record tool. You can record your own voice reading that sentence and compare it with the audio file from the native English speaker.

If you want to learn how to speak English fluently, this app will help you achieve your goal.

Features and functionality:

- Click, listen, and repeat functionality
- Record and play back tool
- Interactive conversation practice lessons
- Hundreds of real life scenarios such as movies, sports, shopping, college life, pets, working, and many more.
- Book mark lessons / Manage favorite lessons feature
- Share feature
- Lesson Search

English categories consist of:

- English Basics
- Regular Daily English
- Business English
- Travel English
- Interview English
- Idioms and Phrases
- Listening Lessons
- Pronunciation Lessons
- English Grammar Basics
- Top 2000 English speaking Vocabulary word list

Everything you need to help you learn English speaking is available in one FREE app.

Learn to Speak English APK reviews

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Владимир Ярошенко review Владимир Ярошенко
I've just started using it, although it seems to be very useful app.
Jimvel Pangosfian review Jimvel Pangosfian
I loved it and helps me very much tnx for the app God Bless us all
Zeeshan Ijaz review Zeeshan Ijaz
Awesome App
If you really want to improve your English there's no app like this one. Just go for it. I guaranty you it will help you a lot
Shah Faiz review Shah Faiz
Very appropriate to learn particular topic
Every one can lean according to their needs
arindam ghosh review arindam ghosh
Wark able apps
It's very good for speaking English.
debasish das review debasish das
Carry on
If you have a wish it freedom to do better than before.
Rajkumar Patil review Rajkumar Patil
It's uncomparable, outstanding application. Great application to learn and improve English. Deserves more than 5 stars. Just wanted to know, is it possible to take print out of all the contents?
Basheer qatar review Basheer qatar
Thanks to the creater for the one like this....May God bless you...
irene Irene review irene Irene
i dnt knw yet this app but i love to try if it is working.
jettaboina swamy review jettaboina swamy
Number one app for English learners
I would like to say thanks to the app developer, and it is a wonderful app.
vikash sharma review vikash sharma
Its awesome.best app for learning spoken English.there's only one problem we can't play the audio.
Tadius S. Gunadi review Tadius S. Gunadi
Very good
Almost all are free online. Thanks. It helps the students from developing country to learn English.
yves moya review yves moya
ilove this app
Siva Ram review Siva Ram
This app is very useful to speak English fluently Thank u so much for introduce this app My native country is India and in the age of 15 I went to US for studies i dont know to speak English fluently I suffer a lot to communicate with others And I found this app This app very useful for me and now I spoke English fluently and I communicate with others very easily I Practice English daily "Practice make a Perfect man"
Arifta wijaya review Arifta wijaya
Md arifta wijaya
Its really help to practice my listening skill. Thanks a lot.