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LINE Launcher - LINE's official Android Home
Believe LINE Launcher, your dull Android will become brand-new in a twinkle.
Spice up your mobile life with LINE Launcher now!

※ dodol Launcher has changed brand name to LINE Launcher, and it just got better!

1) Change your phone perfectly stylish
* 3000+ classy and trendy themes(wallpaper+icons)
Meet Brown, Sally and other LINE Friends on your phone!

* What kind of wallpaper should I apply this time? Don't think about that anymore!
You can meet about 100 new wallpapers every day!

* Stickers, are you still using stickers only on messengers!?
Add awesome stickers on your home screen as you like, and change your hone screen creative:)

2) The way to make your phone comfortable and fast. A to Z of optimizing smartphone!
* Smart widgets and features for optimizing your smartphone
Keep your phone BEST with Phone Booster and Battery widget.

* Searching function will help you find what you need right away
You can find app on your phone, contacts, and even other information at once.

* Smart App-Picks
From trendy app to customized app by categories. We will recommend application only for you.

** Notification **
- LINE Launcher is only compatible with Android 4.0.3 or later versions (ICS, Jelly Bean).
- It may not be compatible depending on the device model.

** Guide to use BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN Permission **
Dodol Launcher Gesture > Function to turn off window can be used.

** Customer Service **
· Facebook :
· Mail Address: [email protected]
If you have any problem using the launcher, please send us the Screenshot/ Smartphone Brand/ Android version/ Launcher version info along with the detailed description of your problem or errors

LINE Launcher APK reviews

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Its sp verry verry nice
Pauline Soliban review Pauline Soliban
More Kpop theme-juseyo
I've been using Dodol Launcher since forever even up until now that it changed its name into Line Launcher which i also like in a way that the new update is now more customizable and lots of amazing themes to choose from. But i'm just wondering if you could publish more kpop themes? I'm sure i'm not the only one who's asking/waiting for some kpop theme updates. Thank You
Fikry Wicaksono review Fikry Wicaksono
Still needs a lot of improvements
good style, nice design, easy to use, convenient features. this launcher was just perfect untill i found that, when i restart my phone, some of apps, which are stored in my sd card just disapear either in the home screen or app drawer, the launcher could not load the apps. those apps can only be opened if i change to other launcher. i was trying to restart my phone several times, but still, some apps were failed to load. so disappointing. please fix this issue cause i really like the launcher
Nathania Heniwijaya review Nathania Heniwijaya
Great, but not 5
It's an excellent launcher and runs very smoothly. The customization is very easy and convenient. However, I am disappointed I can't change my lock screen with the matching image as my theme. The other downside I have now is that I can't find the S planner widget. I usually put my monthly calendar on the home screen and manage my schedule on it. Now, I can't and there's no app from the launcher that can compensate that. Please fix this and I'll definitely give 5 stars.
Shayan Alvi review Shayan Alvi
The best launcher!!
Ok so ive tried alot of launchers and nothing beats this one.. Its the most smoothest launcher I've ever used with a user friendly interface and alot of customization options and ive also noted that it doesnt use alot of ram and tends to open most of my apps fast.. Other than that it also takes a second or two to recover when it stops running in the background.. Over all loved it and keep up with the good work ?
Jade Cheung review Jade Cheung
So far so good, there's so many customising options. Love that because I love customising more than anything. Seems pretty fast to. Fast that the launcher my slate 7 came with. Just got a new hipstreet pad. Tried so many launchers but always come back to this one. I have one request though, please could you allow widget over lapping because it's very useful. Thanks!
Since the last up date, it keeps going back n fourth to dodol n the app that came with the phone. I will uninstall n see if the issue is fixed in about a month. Before this update I would have given it 5 stars.
Jerome Puaso review Jerome Puaso
Nice app but please fix it's SMS app icon, it freezes when tapped, I only push the home button to make things back to normal. But if this app icon is for the line messaging app then I guess I'm wrong the app has no problem at all and it's one of the best Launcher for me, thanks for the developer for developing this app ???.
Elizabeth Bryant review Elizabeth Bryant
This used to be my favorite launcher. But now, since the last update, it no longer works with my LG V20. I have it set for default home & my phone automatically reverts to the stock. Boo
Lanz Cayas review Lanz Cayas
It used to be fun and all... But since the last update. It got boring and always restarting. Hoping to go back soon. Please fix it.
Sara Lai review Sara Lai
I am LG G6, unable to transparent status and navigation bar, always force close currently using app. Please fix, thank u
Trish Ho review Trish Ho
Samsung Galaxy A9 pro has updated to Nougat, OS 7.0 and I cannot set my Line Launcher as default anymore cos "dodol launcher does not support work profile". PLEASE FIX!!
Best launcher ever!!!
Jonathan Delfin review Jonathan Delfin
I've been using this launcher on my old phones. When I got the Note8, I was satisfied on the stock launcher until I've installed an app that has an ugly icon. Tried other launchers but the feel of those are not quite the same. I remembered this launcher and yes, it was close to the experience of the stock launcher of Note8. The good thing, I was able to change the icon of the app and the rest of my apps. :)) Good job!
Jackalynn Pines review Jackalynn Pines
I love the app, and I had it on my old phone, but when I got this one, I realized it doesn't fit my screen shape! If it's unficable, I'll still use the app, but I would like to have it fit the shape! If there's already a way and I'm missing something, please tell me! Thank you for your time!