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The Philips MyRemote App is an app to organize your TV viewing experience around you.
It can replace your conventional remote control and offer many extra features from easy text entry to sharing media that is on your home network and much more!
Control your connected Philips Smart LED TV with one single app. The Philips MyRemote app offers all the control options of your original remote control, turning your smart device into a universal remote. Complemented with additional features like easy text entry
Now you can stream pictures, videos, and music easily from your computer, Smartphone or Tablet to your Philips Smart LED TV at a simple push of a button on the MyRemote App!
On Android Tablets, you can browse through the Electronic Program Guide, view ratings and select the channel without interrupting your current TV watching. If you find another program you would like to watch, simply select it on your Tablet and the TV will switch to that program!
The application is compatible with the following Philips products:
- Net TV / Smart TV enabled Philips products*.
- A selection of other Philips connected products (Streamium, Home Theatre Systems, Soundbars, Blu Ray Players)*.
* You can check the compatibility of MyRemote with your specific model at the online support page of your product at Also ensure your product has been upgraded with the latest software.
** The screenshots are merely used to give an impression of the available features. Actual available features differ based on the connected Philips device.

Philips MyRemote APK reviews

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Rodrigo Willian review Rodrigo Willian
keeps crashing
Anwar Shaikh review Anwar Shaikh
Philips tv
Remote control
Димо Костов review Димо Костов
Designed for 2 inch screen.
jose fer review jose fer
taking forever to detect my tv and once done slowest immpossible
Tanya Nirwal review Tanya Nirwal
Not good
Never install it because it has no option
Dan Lazar review Dan Lazar
Just blocked my tv.
It did it 9 months ago, ups it did it again.
Om Parakash yadav review Om Parakash yadav
His on this happy
All appointed
Leandro Correa review Leandro Correa
O APP não parece muito estável. Toda hora tem que ficar reconectando.
Gustavo Alexandre Marques review Gustavo Alexandre Marques
Works great
Works great on my tv 6000 series
mohd malkawi review mohd malkawi
Working nice
harshita ramchandani review harshita ramchandani
Tudor Felix review Tudor Felix
No works for philips tv android 48pfs8209
Nu funcționează pe tv philips cu android 48pfs8209/12
Florin Oncioiu review Florin Oncioiu
Works fine
Usefull especially for easy text feature
Davor Krasić review Davor Krasić
Much better than TV remote controller
Daniel Ferreira de Lima review Daniel Ferreira de Lima
Full of bugs
Don't lose your time it cannot keep a connection with the TV for more than 10 seconds