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Smurfs Bubble Shooter Story
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Ready, aim — pop! Embark on a colorful, bubble shooting adventure with all your favorite Smurfs in Smurfs Bubble Story! Travel with Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy and rest of the Smurfs family, on a quest across a forbidden forest, mysterious meadows and rushing rivers to pick up the other Smurfs kids who have gone lost. Join these little blue folks on an amazing magic adventure as they discover new Smurfs, explore the Smurf world, and go toe to (smaller and very blue) toe with Gargamel. Earn rewards, unleash special moves, and expand your Smurfs collection as you puzzle pop your way to victory! Line up the perfect shot and trigger massive chain reactions by using each Smurf's individual amazing abilities.


MATCH BUBBLES - Pop matching bubbles to collect tons of magical items.

FEATURING YOUR FAVORITE BLUE FRIENDS - Just like in the cartoons, meet Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy, Clumsy, and more. Collect all the Smurfs!

HUNDREDS OF MISSIONS - Countless missions with addictive, yet challenging obstacles. New levels added weekly!

EXPLORE A BEAUTIFUL WORLD - Journey through the Smurfdom filled with stunning visual assets from the movie. Different environments for Smurfs to explore!

PLAY BOSS BATTLES - Face off against Gargamel and his minions in bubble blasting showdown to win special booster powers!

WIN LIMITED TIME EVENTS - Play limited-time challenges to unlock exclusive rewards and new Smurfs!

GET SOCIAL – Connect to Facebook to play your friends and gift extra lives.

CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDS – Beat your friends at collecting the most Smurfs.

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NOTE: If you uninstall Smurfs Bubble Story (or if your device is lost, stolen or destroyed), all unused consumables (In-app purchases) will not be refunded and cannot be transferred to new devices or accounts.
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JM Jackson review JM Jackson
This is very fun to play. I especially like that you can build their village & decorate too ?
Jeremy Seeseequasis review Jeremy Seeseequasis
Great game...kills the time voids I experience throughout the day ???
Christopher Morrison review Christopher Morrison
Lalalalalal smurf the whole day long
The game freezes and locks up the tablet. Have to force shutdown of tablet.
Rocky Robertson review Rocky Robertson
Level 38 can't be done with out buying stuff and I'll pass on that thanks . It was fun untell this level
It is so much fun.way better then pop panda I think everyone should try this game out
Jeff Trewin review Jeff Trewin
Lots of fun great game
Chris Gravelle review Chris Gravelle
My daughter Courtney loves watching the smurfs &loves playing the smurfs game.☆☆☆
Lorna Stordy review Lorna Stordy
Great game
Gemma Rainford review Gemma Rainford
Good little game... it's a ? from me
Debbie Wilson review Debbie Wilson
So cute love smurfs
Ann Lovely review Ann Lovely
Sweet come join the fun Yall
Brenda Francis review Brenda Francis
Love it! More coins please
Rick Helmer review Rick Helmer
This is just a fun game if you remember the Smurfs.
Love smurfs